Small-sided Games...
An Advantage for Young Players
(May take a few minutes to load)
Benefits of Small-sided Games to the Child:
  • More time with the coach
  • More practical space to be successful
  • Increased number of contacts with the ball
  • More actual playing time
  • Energetic workouts due to playing both offense and defense
  • Required to make more quality decisions
  • Experience repeating game situations more frequently
  • The work rate and involvement of a player stays consistent
  • While learning both offense and defense, a player will become more complete and will understand more readily the roles and importance of teammates
  • The smaller ball is lighter and more easily kicked, trapped, dribbled, and passed

Benefits of the Small Field:

  • More efficient use of space
  • Games can be played simultaneously across a full-size field
  • Children are physicially more efficient in smaller space
  • Takes less time to achieve goal or advance to goal
  • Children are actively involved for a longer period of time

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